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I became a Christian at the age of nineteen, and I remember this like it was yesterday.


During a sermon, the minister preached that we must be as righteous as God to enter heaven. Upon hearing that, I remember thinking to myself “if that’s the case, then I’m doomed”. I was truly shaken at the thought of it. Then the minister went on to explain that God can only see us as righteous through His Son, Jesus Christ, whom God sees when He looks at us, if we are saved. Then it all clicked—that I was in my sin, separated from God, and realized that if I died right then and there I would be eternally apart from Him. I acknowledged my sin, prayed for the Lord to receive me, and forgive me my sins. That was a big “Praise the Lord” moment for me!

"Know what thus saith the Lord" ... that was an endless expression spoken by the pastor of my hometown church. His concern was Christians falling victim to those who would use the Holy Bible and its applications in error, intentionally or unintentionally. Likewise, he strongly advocated carrying your Bible with you to follow along during sermons to guard against those who would misquote what the Word actually reads. Both lessons have proved invaluable to me, and I strongly encourage all to adopt these tried and true lessons.

I've been a Sunday school teacher at my church since 2000, and it has been a blessing. In fact, my experience, complimented with some formal bible training, led me to write this book for the high school students and young adults who attended the Sunday School classes I taught. During one particular Sunday, the high school students began asking questions about what's suppose to happen next on the prophetic calendar. My answer led to more and more questions which then inspired me write this book.

Professionally, upon graduation from Temple University, I worked in the field of public accounting, where I became a Certified Public Accountant. Subsequently, I worked with industry-leading companies in consumer health-care products, cable television and programming, and venture capital.

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